Ate a stack of ribs for lunch

Now I got that itis…

i envy you.

How the F can I keep awake for the next 3 hours? I’m literally nodding off. I killed 5 hour energy to no avail. Don’t get too jealous, they were from a chain rather than Dinosaur Ribs.

Yeah, no point in fighting it. Time to just zone out.

If you have a car, might not be a bad idea to just go lay down in your car for a bit.

Tell your boss that you’re off to administer some racial sensitivity counseling. He will just nod and say, “terrific.”

what you are experiencing, Sir, is known as a Meat Coma aka Postprandial Somnulence in which you are now experiencing the “rest and digest” response. You must train up for consumption of a large batch of ribs, not just enter the beefy challenge cold. The only cure is rest, but you can drink lots of water and just know that the rest of us envy the ribs. Had my usual cafeteria lunch, dmn it, not a rib in sight.

Mmmmmm, ribs. Pork or beef?

After Dec 17th nobody works that much anyway, so you can just pretend you’re thinking deep.

Threw back a buffalo chicken salad for lunch. How about the rest of y’all? I’m trying to experiement more with food for my New Year’s Resolution.

So, what was for lunch today?

i had 4 raisin buns

CvM, you need to come to KC. Best BBQ on the planet.

Numi, that’s my coach now. Why did he come to KC? See above.

I’ve been a lot of places, never KC though. I’m off to DFW in a few weeks and plan on making my trip count around the beltline. Miss good 'ol Southern Hospitality.

What part of DFW? I might have a recommendation or two.

Grilled chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower, a handful of almonds, strawberries, an apple, green tea, and water. Boring. Eat a very similar lunch to that one almost every day if I’m not traveling.

Grilled chicken (with skin), veggie salad, pasta salad…I’m eating like Memorial Day weekend.

When you do make it here go to the following places (in order of awesomeness):

Oklahoma Joe’s



Jack’s Stack

Arthur Bryant’s (I actually hate Bryant’s but some people think it’s the best so it’s on the list.)

Grab a platter and arrive at Arrowhead four hours before kickoff.

Filet Mignon Po-boy with Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms.

banana, coffee.