Athens test center address

Hey guys, anybody knows on what address did applicants write their exam in Athens?

I have been looking to take the test in Greece also, mainly because I would like a nice gyro after the test as a reward.

Last year’s exam was rumored to be held at the most famous building in the world, Parthenon. Seating was limited.


485 Greece Road, 12950 Greece Should you want any other help just tell me

Ap tin ellada eisai?

Do they even do it at the same place? I’ve done 3 cfa exams, and they’ve been in 3 different locations in the same city.

Knowing how Greek people are, no. I’m willing to bet they change it almost every year…

Nai aderfe.level 2

Alithia?? Pio meros? Tha eimai ekei auto to kalokairi gia 2 evdomades me to koritsi mou.