Atlanta Level 1 June 11 - Study Group

Anyone else in Atlanta looking to get a study group going for level 1? Looking mainly for weekends and/or weekday evenings.

Would be interested in meeting up. I live in Buckhead and would prefer weekends as well. Let me know if you are interested.

Sounds good. Where are you in the curriculum? I’ve only done accounting so far. Also I am just using the CFAI books b/c I can’t decide between Schweser and Elan. Anyway, I can meet during the day on sat or anytime sunday if you want, maybe at B&N or something down there. Let me know.

I am working in Buckhead and am also looking for someone to study with on weekends and weekday nights.

Anytime this weekend works for me except sunday before 2pm. Pick a time and place in Buckhead and I will meet there. Or you can come to Roswell, where I live and work, if you prefer.

scott, sorry I forgot to check back on this message board but I am still looking for someone to study with. I am moving this weekend, but perhaps we could meet to study one night next week? my email is if you want to get in touch with me directly.