Atlanta Level II

Any 2009 Level II ers in Atlanta who want to organize? I am a repeat from 08…planning on hitting it hard.

im in. let me know

Me too. I will be a repeater for LII. When do y’all plan on starting?

My thinking at the moment is that I would like to stay somewhat fresh on the curriculum between now and Dec/Jan…So, I have around 600 questions/answers (all topics) that I am going to run through starting in early/mid September for 2 - 3 weeks, then break for 2 weeks or so, then probably start going throught some of the CFAI books/questions / Secret Sauce etc prior to getting the new Schweser stuff in. One of my tactical errors in 08 was not doing enough questions. I want to be in the 4000 plus category for 09. We should discuss and/or meet to see what type of schedule, location etc may work. What do you guys think? My e-mail is Thanks-

Put down in what part of town you live and your email address. This way we can work out a location to meet and get everyone’s routines coordinated. I’m in Buckhead, work in Sandy Springs, and will be moving to Sandy Springs in Nov.

live and work near the galleria at 285 & 75.

I’m a first time level II. Live in Buckhead and also work near galleria. Edmund, I took the CFA review class with you last year.

are we still doing this? when are you guys starting in earnest?

I plan on getting going in mid November. My suggestion is that we try to meet around then. Ryan, Can you take the lead on this, circulate e-mails to all interested etc.? My email: Thanks, Eddie