Atlanta Society Review Course

Has anyone taken their course? If so, at what level and what did you think? How much time did you spend studying outside of their course?

I have not attended one before but I have just signed up for the one starting this month. I think it’s going to be a great help - 6 hours a week of having the curriculum drilled into you by CFA charterholders can not be a bad thing. For $750, I think it’s worth it.

When does the course start? Let me know what you think about it.

course starts Monday 9/24. i’ll keep you updated.

How was the first session? Worth your money? Any other thoughts? Did you use them to get your Schweser?

What did you think about this class? Does anyone out there have any input on CFA Society classes?

Hi Guys For June 08 , is there any review course in Atlanta, when ? where to register? Regards Bala

I took this for LI and it was a nice way to ensure that I reviewed the material, but it was not worth $750 in my opinion. I will not be taking the LII review.