Atlantic City - Poll

Hi everyone…I need your advice. My roommates are trying to get me to go to Atlantic city for saturday and sunday. I have already gone through the schweser material approx 3 times ex ethics, corporate gov, & gips which I view as short term memory and plan to do right before I start on practice tests. I have been doing alot of the schweser qbank questions and have been fairly successful thus far avg about 75%. My goal is to start taking practice tests this May 24th. Which will give me about 2 weeks to focus on that. I am thinking of bringing flashcards to study when I am playing at the poker tables…might be a good strategy as there is alot of downtime. I have a full time job and plan on taking a few days off before the exam (but must work June 3-5) Should I go? (yes or No) Thx

NO WAY!! I have sworn off social life for the next 3 weeks…granted, I am not you but I wouldn’t… just ride the wave until it’s over…

Depends. Can you get studying in on saturday? The whole trip might actually help as it might give you mind a break from this crap. I actaully have to go home for a wedding this weekend, f#ckers! So I have to take a break… But if you are only missing out on 1 day don’t sweat it, also you can make up for it on Memorial Day as its a day off :slight_smile:

From what I’ve heard… Studying for CFA > Atlantic City

You will save money if you stay behind though :slight_smile:

Save money maybe depends if I win lol…But I was also planning on taking Sunday off anyway…So really it would just be missing staurday, which is a key study day in that I am not working…

i would go bro, don’t forget to take book 2 with you…actually you cannot find a better place to use the behavioral finance concepts, such as loss aversion, gamblers fallacy, double down, house money effect and regret. so it’s a win-win situation