Atomic Clock

You think they go by the Atomic Clock or whatever their desktop clocks are set to :slight_smile: Only kidding…ok I’m watching the atomic clock.

i am scaaaaaaaaaared


Same here CSK…I have stayed off these boards as much as possible up until today b/c every minute I spent on this board, I spent 5 minutes crying myself to sleep.

My biggest issue is that i was well prepared > 75% on all tests and ~ 75% average on mock/samples. If i fail i just wouldnt know what to do differently. I already pushed myself pretty far, dunno ifi have any capacity left

CSK…you and me both. I scored better on all CFAI mock exams than I have for any other level and scored the best on all Stalla exams…so I dont know what I would do differently.

CSK… you will be first one to enter the Pass Club

bigwilly ditto for u

CFA_Werewolf you had me at hello.

Thanks CFA_Werewolf, but i never had luck with tests. Unless i literally would kill it (>90%) i always ended up sucking up big time cause all guesses would go against me and all ‘unsure’ questions would go 100% wrong

I was one of those that struggled with many of the mock exams… but as the real exam day neared started to feel better and better about things. I put in well over 500 hours but felt that 300 of those hours were pointless given the structure of the exam and what they tested on, hence why I don’t feel good about this at all… Good luck everyone. PJStyles