Attacks in Paris

Hope you AFers in France are safe.


Heading to Spain on Sunday, feeling uneasy

Very sad, thankfully it looks like security forces are in control of the situation.

To be honest, you’re likely as safe there as at home. We (western world) are all in this together. We are all at risk wherever we are now. This is the battle we are in, fighting it with one hand tied behind our backs. I hope this is the unfortunate catalyst we need to finally realise the issue here and crush these barbarians. All that said, this is a sad day for France and a city that represents so well the core values of western liberty and democracy

has to be isis or al qaeda right?

Almost certainly ISIL or at least ISIL inspired.


STOP refugee crisis wait… STOP refugees

I think the two oceans make it a little harder, but agree nonetheless

As a side note, has anyone seen this Facebook Safety notification? Apparently one of my friends was in Paris. Facebook has this thing I can click, it tells me who I know in Paris, and if they have reported being “safe.” Really neat feature

That’s a false sense of security. Oceans don’t matter to these guys. There have already been TWO ISIL inspired attacks in Canada. Sure, they were lone wolf types, but don’t kid yourself thinking this issue doesn’t effect the U.S. or Canada. This is our fight to. These barbarians are fighting against civilisation.

Incredibly sad and frustrating situation.

I hope my co-workers, AFers and friends in Paris are safe

ISIS already claimed responsbility

on one hand it seems so strange that a rogue self-declared terrorist group who drives a lot of toyota vehicles decides to take on the entire world by itself, the world having far better funded and equipped weapons

perhaps they are just taking advantage of the fact that war is simply not like the old days , and now it’s all guerilla tactics and attacks here and there

I’ve been saying this for years. The war hawks want to use 20th century means to win this war. It’s laughable when I hear them compare the war against the Nazis to the war against ISIS. The latter don’t wear visible uniforms and have no shame camouflaging within the civilian population. Their headquaters are also much more dispersed.

The irony in all this is that ISIS (considered as a group living in the stone age) are masters at using social media. They are leaps ahead the Western world in this area. This is where the brainwashing and recruitment is happening. This is where the war is really happening. Finding a way to limit their capacity to reach millions of people will do much more damage than throwing thousands of bombs.

They exist today because someone had the brilliant idea to remove Saddam Hussein. Just a few years ago, we were willing to fight on their side against Al Assad. I have no trust that our governments know what they are doing in the region. Zero confidence that they know how to clean up the mess if ever one terrorist group is eliminated and how to avoid a more brutal one from rising.

nuke them…

So Paris discovered that one of the terrorists got in as a refugee. This is exactly what I suspected would happen, it’s the easiest way for terrorists to take advantage of these programs, and attack any unsuspecting country trying to do the “humanitarian thing”. it’s rather unfortunate to have to turn away people fleeing their country, but how could anyone possibly really know who’s a terrorist?

Giving an extra man you don’t know sanctuary, is that worth the death of a dozen of your citizens and the fear of living in your own country?

While that is always a risk, I would personally be more worried about Western citizens who go there to fight and come back ready to bring Jihad home.

Let’s destroy Islam and every Muslim because of ISIS. Christianity and all Christians because of Hitler .Judaism with all Jews because of Israel . Natural and all Nonbelievers because of some serial killers .I think the source of devil ain’t a religion . The source of the devil is so obvious but we don’t wanna use our minds to discover it.

Hitler was not fighting in the name of Christianity. And Israel is a secular democracy. And certainly not all Muslims are associated with ISIL, its a select group of Sunnis supported by the Saudis and Qataris.

What do we do when there are morons who dont want to live and wont let others live! Sigh.

Just hope the AFers and their family in Paris are safe.

Looks like the biggest beneficiary of the attacks is Assad, and I bet he was celebrating. The West has wanted him gone for years, while he has obliterated his moderate opposition and allowed ISIS to ferment so he can make himself look like the good guy. With these attacks the West will recalibrate its approach from removing him to fccusing on eliminating ISIS only, which plays straight into his hands. It would be foolish to fall into this trap and IMO it’s best to focus on training moderate forces and the Kurds.