Attention all Gen. X'ers... Get in here...

Why you mad tho?

This Youth of today is totally fucked up.

That’s not what I’m trying to trigger you guys over though. Albeit my post was entirely satirical, you do have a point. However, your arguments should be substantiated by evidence like THIS and not because “Millennials are killing fabric softenner”…

Which I admit might be true, WTF even is fabric softener? And for all you dads out there making your children do dishes, explain to me what the point of owning a dishwasher is if you have to clean plates in the sink first. What does the dishwasher do?

You won’t earn 10k a day with an attitude like that, young man. Now go clean out your mouth with soap.

Regarding GenX (my gen), it’s interesting we never really hear about us…

For example, we always hear from the loud-mouthed Boomers , who now own the assets, but are beginning to exit. And we hear from the loud-mouthed Millennials. In between this loud-mouth-sandwich are the silent Gen-X. When I was growing up, we heard endlessly how we are apathetic, so perhaps that’s why you don’t hear from us? But by today’s standards, we look quite sane and reasonable, and of the available generations are exactly the people who you’d want running things.

So as the Boomers die/retire, control of assets and thus some influence over society moves to Gen-X right? But I’ve never really heard much talk of this, or analysis on how that goes?

i just want us to come to an agreement on avocado toast, that’s it.

I just missed millennial cut off and made it into the tail end of gen X… :grin: :grin: :grin:

Bow down youngins!

I will support your avocado toast habit if we can agree that 15-year-old, fake gangster talk drivel, such as the variety vomited by some pretenders on this site, is immediate grounds for dismissal. This is a place of business, you whippersnappers.

Xennial here. I’m surprised how there aren’t more murders given that Millennials are killing everything.

“Schrödinger’s cat, killed by… millennials”.

Thing is I remember that we kept being called the slackers, kids of grunge music and divorce, etc… Yet I think as a whole we mostly turned out fine. It’s why I kind of hold out hope for the millennials. Perhaps they’ll pull out of the tailspin one of these days as well, though I can’t see it’s looking all that good so far…

Millennials is a term authored by the Strauss-Howe model. They are defined in this model as the “third turning” (out of four), which is the “unraveling” phase (postmodernist meme-posting morons). The “fourth turning” is a 100yr crisis (e.g. 2008, USG default), and the children of the unraveling are in theory supposed to “get real.” Although it may be up to GenZ to bring sanity, I’m skeptical of millennials being salvageable.

Very encouraging.