Attention: College Seniors

Did anyone write level 1 in December and recently get an email from the CFAI requesting an update to education profile? Apparantly you cannot register for level 2 until you have your degree confirmed which poses a problem for May 08 graduates (I am finished exams at the end of april). Supposing one was successful on Dec 07 level 1, is there anyway to register for level 2 if you grad in the spring - given that the registration deadline is March 17?

Either add 1 year of experience to your profile and contact CFA to update it, or contact CFA and see if they will allow you to register with your situation.

um…they may have changed the rule, but as far as i know, you can’t write the level I until you are in the YEAR of your graduation. so if you graduate NEXT year (aka wrote in 2007 and graduate in 2008) you might be shit outta luck since you weren’t likely supposed to write until 2008. I actually think you may have broke the rules. Tread carefully with this one.

I am in the same boat, it is my understanding that you cannot sign up for level 2 until you have proof of graduation. As such, you will have to wait till next june to write level 2. And to strikershank, you are wrong. The rule is that you can write level 1 in your final year of university, I and many of the people I know from the year above me did this without difficulty. Because of this rule I have 4 months to kill before I start work mid september.

ca-cbv-cfa, You wrote in December aswell then? You just going to chill out till closer to june 2009 in that case? Im going to contact them, but im guessing they wont go for it - which sucks because my whole rationale for doing lvl 1 in dec was to have a shot at june lvl 2, before work starts in sept. I phone before I registered for lvl 1 to check out the final year of Uni rule, and was told that its okay to register as long as you are in 4th year. Didnt see any mention of this lvl 2 graduation proof requirement though - should have been more clear IMO.

Ya I wrote in december…I was suprised to learn about it to but I will just study for my cke and ufe exams i need to pas for CA.

If you were a senior and you wrote the exam in December, you didn’t break any rules. But I do think you’ll end up waiting until June 2009 to actually be able to take Level II, assuming you passed Level I this time out. I’m in the same boat as you.