Attention Lazy Mask Wearers

Once again with the straw man. I’m not saying that the rate of death is that high compared to other viruses (There, bolded and underscored to boot), but it doesn’t hurt to make precautions. Simple things such as keeping your distance and wearing a mask while shopping indoors are simple and cheap ways to keep cases down. Is that too much to ask!? If you don’t want to wear a mask when shopping at Costco either because you think the virus is a hoax or because you have an underlying medical condition, you can always order things online. And before you ask, no, if you are outside and at a distance from others, you don’t have to wear a mask. The risk of death is low, as I already mentioned twice now. However, there is also the long-term health risk caused by the virus.

I have no issues with wearing masks. But a lot of the rules are pure ridiculousness. For instance once you get covid it’s essentially like getting the vaccine. Some would argue even stronger. Yet they are still recommended to wear a mask. And the cdc even acknowledges that the spread post covid is minimal. The rate of getting sick for a second time is almost rare. Yet in their own guidelines it states that we should still wear a mask to make other people feel better. I have no issues with good policy but this is senseless. Their only claim is that people don’t really know this disease so it is best to be extra cautious. That is fine. But I rather be cautious after the fact rather than every what if scenario people can think of. Long term risk of covid, what are the odds? Or are we just scared of every little thing nowadays…

The whole point is to not infect others. I thought this was obvious by now.

read above. that’s not the reason why they recommend wearing a mask.

as for the long term effect:
COVID-19: Research points to long-term neurological effects

information from the CDC

because this is apparently not obvious:
just because your immune response is strong enough to fight off the virus and you don’t show much or any symptoms, that does NOT rule out the possibility that others infected through YOU will experience health issues as a result of YOU infecting them. Everyone’s immune response is different.
Of course, older people and people with preexisting conditions are at a higher risk for obvious reasons.

that’s why doctors are urging people to wear mask, particularly when shopping indoors and to maintain their distance.

Here you go. When I was sick I read the entire thing anyways for people who have covid reinfection is rare. It has been ticking up. So they are thinking it ain’t forever but the numbers are minimal. I’d find it specifically but I can’t ctrl f on my phone.