Attention Washington DCTest Takers

For those traveling to the DC convention center on Saturday…two things to note 1) The Susan Komen Race for the Cure is on Saturday starting times are from 6:45 to 8:15 am. 2) The Green/Yellow lines are going to be sharing a track from L’Enfant Plaza to Mt Vernon Square Convention Center (per Metro’s Website they say to add 30-45 minutes to travel time. 3) Because of the race metro will start at 5:00am…and there is not a lot of parking around the convention center. Just wanted to give those a heads up so. We don’t really need to add more stress to the game here.

Good looking out. I was planning on driving in and parking in one of the garages around the convention center. Are there any road closures or anything I should be worried about b/c of the race?

eschizzle, don’t think so…the race route extends as far north as E or F street…so it should be several blocks away…but I would expect a lot of traffic I am probably going to drive…the downside with metroing is that can’t take the study materials with…and need some place to store them until the lunch break

That’s pretty much the same reason I was going to drive instead of metro too. Guess I’ll just leave extra early in case of traffic and if I end up with extra time to kill I’ll just do some light review and listen to “Eye of the Tiger” a few more times than I would have originally.