ATTN: If sitting in NY - Long Island

Just a heads up to anyone taking the exam on Long Island, NY. The directions to the test site are not that straightforward. If you are heading West on the LIE to exit 53 do not take the first off ramp (which is the Sagitos (sp?) Parkway), stay on the service road until you see a sign for Wicks Road. ESPECIALLY if you just decided to pick up the books for the first time within the past month. I want you to make it there! Those who have been studying for months please disregard and take the detour to the Sagitos Parkway. Also, there are no places to eat lunch aside from a few bodega’s and a Bennigans. The place is in the middle of nowhere. So if you see a skinny guy with dark hair in his mid20’s and pasty white skin who looks like he hasn’t hit the gym in say 6 months at a table all by himself, feel free to join me.

Sagtikos Parkway. Bring a bagged lunch. A hero, gatorade, some fruit.