ATTN: TheAliMan

Happy Birthday sir.

Happy Birthday AliMan!!

Happy b-day

Many happy returns theAliMan!!

Happy birthday! Time to crush some natties.

Many Many happy returns of the day theAliMan!!

Happy birthday to you, TheAliMan, one of the nicest guys on AF!

Happy Birthday dude, really nice time of the year.

Thanks guys, I’m blushing :slight_smile:

GL tomorrow!! Hit me up on gchat or ping after …

oh didn’t know it’s your birthday…so Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! I will try and be half as nice as you in the year 2010.

Enjoy your day, TheAliMan!

What a terrible time of year to have a birthday, my condolences.

happy belated b-day ali

bpdulog Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Happy birthday! Time to crush some natties. at your service, sir!