ATTN: Those who have passed L1

How did your initial feeling of how you did on the exam correlate to your actual exam results? Did you do better/worse/as expected?

I just sat L1… However a guy I talked to at the test center was retaking L1 after failing in June 09 - a band 7. He said his feeling when he left the test center in June was that the material wasnt that dificult, thought he solved most correctly and finished with enough time to review; and he kinda thought he would nail the SOB…

Took L1 in June. The test is always different but the AM section was very difficult. Ethics and FRA were the big curve balls. I remember being anxious and depressed at lunchtime thinking that I would see much of the same on the PM section. PM session turned out to be very easy for me. I left the exam center feeling that I had destroyed at least half of the test and felt as though I had passed. A month after the exam I had probably second guessed myself on every question though. Waiting on the results is pure misery, especially the week before they are posted. I thought I had passed when I left and ended up passing. I expected my weak sections to be FRA and Ethics and sure enough they were.

I failed L1 in June and what Chuckrox described above was true for me too. I did terrible on the first half of the exam and felt horrible. Then during the second half I didn’t feel like I was getting any wrong. It didn’t matter though, and I ended up in the 9th scoring band. I took the test again yesterday and the morning session was tough, but I felt like I had gotten over a hard 70%. I was hoping that it would be similar to the June test and that the second half would be easier…I was dead wrong. I thought the second half was extremely tough and I ended up having to guess about 4 questions without really reading the questions. I had to guess a few others that I just didn’t have time to get one last step done on. I had about two minutes left and had to choose b/w calculating an over/under valued problem and the standard deviation problem and I went with the first one b/c I knew the SD question would take forever. So I doubt that with how tough that second half was that I will end up passing…it’ll be really, really depressing if I move from the 9th scoring band to the 10th.