Attn: VirginCFAHooker

What was your username in the before-time. You know the long long ago.

If I tell you who I was then won’t I get kicked off again? Where will I go? The yahoo message boards are boring/noisy. This place rocks: JoeyDVivre’s is educated and posts fancy 3+ syllable words. We got young people doing their bosses. We got crack political commentary and WillyR is gone now so it’s that much better.

lol… virginCFAhooker, was i around when you were on your old username? BTW what happened to WillyR? was he banned due to excessive insensitivity and/or idiocy? Chad, care to comment?

Give me a hint. Post a link.

Ok, but this is hypothetical. I can neither confirm nor deny that my screen name had something to do with pontiac and sunfire. Maybe I connected them with a dash. Why do you care?

lol hooker +1

What ever happened to deadcat?


what happened to Layer?

WillyR is too busy hanging out with Jeff from RBC…

I knew deadcat personally. His name was Jerome Kerviel and he’s going to be away from AF for a while.

deadcat had a post awhile back about him starting a new cool job and how he’d have no time for us lol.