Atypical working experience

hello everyone Congrats to all who passed and good luck for all future members Just want some advise on my work experience: I work as business analyst for one of dow30 company, doing mainly project valuation, sometimes private business valuation and lots of tracking of current business performance. This is not exactly building bond or equity portfolios, but it is related to investment activity overall. So my dilemma: should I make a special case out of it or there is absolutely no chance of having that accepted for needed work experience? And also - even if I submit it and then get rejected - does it mean that I’ll have to present another experience ? Thans a lot in advance

just make it sound relevant

I think corporate finance work counts, and project finance is an aspect of corporate finance. Build a case for it - which may involve mentioning what parts of the CFA curriculum were useful for that endeavor.

thanks for advice!

I just looked at the sponsor form in more detail - and the supervisor section’s questions in particular (questions 6, 7 and 8 ). Do you think its ok if the answer is NO for all of them? (the work experience is still relevant though, I just dont work with asset portfolios) Thanks a lot!

slavaraikov, I have the same problem because I am working as performance measurement which does not directly involved in the investment decision making process. Can anyone shed some light on whether it’s ok if question 6-8 all answering “no” from my supervisor?