I’ll be going for my honeymoon. I wouldnt mind checking out NZ while over there. How is Tasmania? Looking at some sites it seems like it would be an intersting trip. I dont think I will be sneaking booze in Australia in shampoo bottles but check this out portashots dot com

FINforLIL Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Go to Sydney…find you an Island > girl…yep > > > Australia is kinda boring…it is very much like > the U.S. except it has slightly different > animals… > > Booz is expensive…sneak your own in…I > suggest shampoo bottles… > > Try to go to Brisbane during the River > Fire…thats kinda intersting…though their > pride in F-16 is hilarious from an American > viewpoint… Actually they do it with an F111 - still pretty old school though. > The clubs suck… Only the really good ones :wink: > > Women…subpar (besides the islanders)…of the > British variety (naturally), and prone to wearing > leggings…ick…

thommo77 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > There are more sheep in aussie than in kiwland. > It is always ironic to me when aussies call kiwis > sheepshaggers. Per capita my friend

nobody cares about per capita, it is absolute numbers when it comes to sheep