Audi Q5 (or Q7) or Subaru Forester?

Thoughts? My husband says we need to increase car space since we now have an infant. I don’t disagree, just hate spending money on depreciating goods. That being said, I know Subarus don’t depreciate as much, they are just ugly as sin. Anyone have either and love or hate, or have a general opinion on this? I’ve been standing my ground on not getting a new (or used) vehicle, but I know I’m going to have to buckle soon.

Out of those two, I’d pick the Subaru, but only because I hate Audi’s design language. One of my least fav brands by far.

Buy used/CPO Acura or Lexus SUV if you want a luxury car that won’t depreciate too badly.

Subaru = more reliable, cheaper repairs.

No, unless you’re driving Corvettes, you do not *need* another car with more space. People in Europe get along fine in compact hatchbacks. It really depends on your lifestyle and what you want.

Best SUV in this size range for the money? Probably is the 2017 CRV. 80 cubic feet or cargo room, 30 mpg combined with AWD, ok driving dynamics, and an interior that would have been luxury class 5 years ago. Subaru is better if you live in Alaska, since it has a more robust AWD system. Otherwise, the Honda is a more refined, well thought out, and overall better vehicle.

Audi is a step up in price, so not sure how you weigh that.

Will also add, I’ve driven a Land Rover Evoque a few times and would pick that over Q5, any day. About the same starting price.

I suspect cargo space in the Evoque is quite a bit less than a Q5.

What’s up persistent! I have an A4 and every time it’s in the shop i am given a Q5 as a loaner. I love my audi but the maintenance on it is insane and costly. My Mom & sister have CRVs and say its extremely reliable and provides a smooth ride. My brother just bought a new ford escape and thought it was priced pretty well.

Most importantly, congrats on the new addition.

what a way to kick off the new year - new baby in a

new car

Thanks for the input. Love the look of Land Rovers, but heard they were a maintenance disaster. I don’t think I can stomach the maintenance costs of a “luxury” vehicle. I would continue driving our accord until it dies (it only has 100k on it) but our stroller totally maxes the trunk out. I had an old CRV and it was great. We’ll look into that this weekend.

Haha thanks. New baby, spend lots of money! Happy new year!

I think the best value is a Lexus RX with 30-40k miles, but I’m biased. Such a reliable car. Just change the oil and you could easily put 250k on it if you want to.

Yeah stick with Japanese cars - so reliable.

Q7 of course. What a doubt? LOL!

Ok, I went to the AUDI store this weekend, because I am looking to get an Audi myself. Went in to look at a Q2, was tempted by the Q5 and R8. I then went to land rover and looked at the evoque and range discovery sport.

Let me tell you that the technology of these cars is amazing! There is nothing on the market that will top the interior and technology of an Audi. They are superb to drive and are comfortable as anything!

Q7 – my friends has one with literally every spec in it, tech pack, comfort pack, assisted driving, rear and front cameras, sensors all over the car which give you a computerised overhead image your car when you reversing, assisted parking. The car even drives itself in stop/start traffic! He has heated seat, leather interiors, led lights inside the car (super cool)! If you add all the extras, expect to pay considerably more than the list price!

Q5 – the current version is the old technology. If you wait until march/april then the new one comes out. It will be considerably different to the current version. They have literally changed the whole car from the exterior styling to the interior dash and seats, size and tech.

The question you need to ask yourself is, do I have an army of kids, if so then get the Q7? If you have a couple of kids then get the new Q5!

I do like the look of the Audi SUVs

I have 3 kids and A4.This is pretty enough. But I don’t have a dog, maybe this is an issue.

I think if you’re thinking about Audi Q7, you should also consider Volvo XC90. You’ll get it for $10k less for quality that compares to the Audi. Volvo does not quite have the brand premium of the German competition, but their Chinese overlords are serious about breaking into this competitive market. So, they are offering a very premium car at a relatively reasonable price. The only issue I’ve heard of so far is that the seats are a bit hard. Also, it has a pretty complicated engine, which I don’t know how reliable will be after a few years. Most luxury brands have issues though.

You get 3 car seats in an A4?

Id so XC90/60 over Audi any day. Do a custom order and overseas delivery. You get a good discount, free fights to Sweden and a few hotel days there. Best euro delivery in the business.

The answer to all car questions hasn’t changed. You should buy my 2002 Town Car with 160k miles on it. It’s black and looks like you’re being driven around by a car service. Just climb over the seat and exit through the rear for the full luxury experience. The fuse on the fan blows occasionally and causes some overheating problems in traffic. There is a 5 gallon jug of water in the trunk(currently frozen) and some spare fuses in the glove box. The electronic gas door release button doesn’t work anymore either. I’m able to pry it open with my bare hand, but if you feel it would be an issue, I’ll include a screwdriver. It has a cd changer but it’s kind of finicky. I hope you like the Moody Blues.