audio cds schweser

hello, Do you have any feedback re the schweser audio cds please?

I like them. Good for review during commuting times. Very dry and boring though. It’s not passive listening stuff.

I tried them for Level I and I got through about the first four. They’re terribly boring. In the interest of full disclosure, I have raging ADD.

They were crucial to my success. It’s basically a guy reading the Schweser notes out loud. You can study while you drive/take a walk or reinforce what you are reding just now et cetera.

Used them for L1 and now again for L2. Very boring indeed but quite useful to see if you still remember what you’ve read. A bonus (although I’m not quite sure how ethical) is that I downloaded them with a number of friends and split the cost. That made it quite cheap. Wouldn’t have paid the full price for them.

McPass, I’ve contacted the CFA Institute and told them about your unethical behavior. You’re now kicked out of the program. I rule.

mp mass wanna sell it to me?