Audio CDs

It just occurred to me that I burn up a lot of time in the car on the way to work and coming home from work, as well as other various times. Anyone used or know anything about any audio programs? Schweser’s is $250 which seems a little steep but if it’s very helpful then not ridiculous. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

What is $250 compared to having to take the test the following year? But it’s basically a guy reading out loud from the Schweser books, so if you want to test it, you can record a couple of readings yourself and test it. Don’t forget to start with the following message for every reading you record… “The following is a review of the designed to address the learning outcome statements set forth by CFA Institute. This topic is also covered in .” This should be read out loud in a particularly monotonous voice. That said, I must also add I did not hesitate to this year and for the second time order the audio files myself, and expect to buy them every year until I pass the exam (or give up).

Ha, Thanks for the description. To your first point, it’s easy to say that but those costs add up and if they’re unnecessary, no need to spend the money. I probably will, just figuring out if people think they’re a waste of time or actually worthwhile. Also, if there’s another product out there that’s better, I’d love to know that too before ordering the Schweser CDs. Looks like both Professional Exam Review and Allen have similar products. Anyone have any experience or know which is best or if another one is?

My suggestion would be - Not to go for it. It sounds intersting that your will listen to audio CDs while your way to office, but it is out of question to concentrate on what the speaker is reciting. Audio CDs may be nice to have but defifnitely not necessary. By the way i bought audio CDs :frowning:

I bought the schweser audios but in all honesty, i think its the worst purchase i made. Its basically just someone reading the schewer notes word for word. But then again, if you got nothing to do in the car then you might consider it.

Damn, well that’s not very encouraging. I want to get them but if it’s just a waste of time/money, then probably not a good idea. I don’t know that listening to someone read from the notes is necessarily a bad thing though, given that it just reinforces the points, right?

i bought the audio cds for level II. it is extremely boring and useless since i am once of those people who needs to see it/write it to learn well. i listened to only the ethics portion and even that made me doze off a few times and nearly crash my car.

Sounds like a nice idea, but I know that there is no way that I could listen to some boring reader discussing portfolio management while avoiding the idiots driving on my commute between PA & central NJ. Think about it, how would they explain the formulas that you need to see to understand the quant material?

Meh, whatever, I took the plunge and ordered them. Here’s hoping they can provide a slight boost, and I’m sure I’ll be able to sell them for at least $100 bucks after the exam.

I used them for Level 1 and I have them for Level 2. It helps with the conceptual fluff, but not the computations and equations

I concur, I tried the CDs and found I didn’t retain much from them. You need to do more active studying to retain the information than listening to audio readings. (I didn’t suggest this but, you could always buy the CD’s off an online auction site, rip them to your computer and then resell them on an online auction site.)