Audio, Memory, Practice, etc

Hi guys, with less than two months to go, what are some proven tactics to retain information? Do you reread notes on the bus? Do you listen to the content on audio summary? Do you try to write engage in CFA related convos at work? Do you hide in the office to continue cramming? As I will be going on holidays soon, just wondering what are some effective ways to study effectively and not lose too much time for the June exam? Thanks

if you have audio-great…im not using that…if you have a study partner (or a few) that will go a long way. Some people study well at the office, others get sick of the place and need a new change of atmosphere. There are studies out there that recommend studying in many different places. Notecards will help- i made hundreds with real problems on them not just definitions. carry them everywhere- car rides, train, dinner table, whatever. Writing and speaking the problems out and why you are doing certain calculations can help as I’m pretty sure the more senses you involve the better you learn. Good luck.

Audios are over-rated in my opinion. Carrying the secret sauce/ 11th hour and some formula sheets helps at times but overall we’re human- sometimes you just need to relax.