Audio mp3 recommendations

I have a lot of free time where i do housework/drive etc and would love to use that time to listen to Audio mp3’s. Any recommendations? and are they helpful at all?

Yes, they are. But you should know they’re also very dull to listen to, in spite of them hiring this professional nearly accent-free reader for the recordings.

def have to second the previous comment, the recordings are incredibly dull but they are sort of helpful, especially with ethics. I listened to the recordings every night before i went to sleep for level 1, i would say it helped a bit.

Who makes the mp3s? Brand?

You might find various mp3 recordings through the top banner ^^

I swear I hear the reader sometimes dozing off while reading the material.

If you want put-me-to-sleep boring, try CFAI’s new ebooks. They have a ‘listen’ function which activates the TTS in the reader software.

I like listening to Mp3s too, lately it’s been alot of Pantera and Simon and Garfunkle.

it cured my insomnia.