Audit & SOX as acceptable Work Experience?

Does anyone have any insight as to whether working as an auditor in an diversified financial services company (including insurance, annuities, investment management, private equity, mutual funds, real estate management, broker/dealer, etc) would qualify as acceptable work experience? Daily duties include assessing the control structure of financial processes and systems to manage risk, making recommendations to management, communicating risks and findings to external auditors?

By definition it probably shouldn’t but it all depends on how you spin it to the CFAI. I’ve seen some of the most ridiuclous crap be counted by the CFA much bigger stretch than that.

search L3 board for “work experience”, that’s where this is all hashed out.

Regardless of whether the CFAI approves it or not, why would you think it would count? How does “auditing” qualify as “investment decision making” ???

My boss has always been in the audit field and he is a CFA. He said that he got it more than 10 years ago, and at that time he only need two years of audit experience to qualify. Maybe the rules changed since. A lot of people in middle office (risk management) have CFAs. How did they do it? They don’t make “investment decision” either…

there should be some sort of rule that you cant put “SOX” in the subject line unless you’re talking about the red sox. especially in october.

Audit and SOX work was acceptable under the old work experience standards (pre-2004 or so). If you compare the old list versus the new list, they’ve specifically scoped audit out of acceptable work experience.

Why did they scope audit out of acceptable work experience? May be I should get out of the audit world otherwise I will never be certified as a CFA…