Automatic stabilizer in an expansionary policy

Which statement regarding fiscal policy is least accurate?

a. A decrease in the budget surplus is associated with expansionary fiscal policy

b. Structural budget deficits are adjusted for the business cycle

c. Automatic stabilizers increase the deficit during expansions

Why is the answer not C? Shouldn’t automatic stabilizers do the opposite of what’s happening (in this case reduce the deficit because the economy is expanding)?

Wiley says the answer is B.

Somewhat of a trick question but structural budget deficits are cyclically adjusted budgets as it is. They are deficits when the economy is at full employment hence you do not adjust for the business cycle. Think of this as how the economy is currently at full employment yet many countries like Japan and the US have a deficit. This deficit is there regardless of the economy.

On this note, C also confuses me because this is not necessarily true.