Automatic Watches

I got the longine hydroconquest as a gift and wore it a couple of days.It seems sluggish and slow. Sometimes it even stops while on my hand and all the movements seem pretty random.

What got me worried was that now it stops working after 20 minutes or so of not using it which seems a pretty low standard for a above 1K watch.

The problem is the person who got me the watch bought it from a duty free shop in HK (Not sure about duty free,but it was HK in the receipt) and I don’t think reaching out to them is an option given the distance. Does anyone else (Ohai maybe) know what to do?

I also don’t want to spend 200 bucks or something for a repair given the whole thing was a gift and I shouldn’t be paying given the assumed fragility of the watch.

Bring it to either a Longine or third party watch repair watch for consultation and decide what you want to do based on what they say.

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I have started to use the watch more often (As of posting this) and it seems to work fine. Apparently the powering mechanism is non linear and doesn’t provide linear supply (when not worn).It is more likely to provide 12 hours of power after 12 hours of wearing it than 1 hour of power after 1 hour of wearing it.