autumn or off cycle internship?

I live in London and JPmorgan allow for one application only per year. They have availability in either their Autumn internship in IBD, or an off cycle internship in STR. I think i would rather do the IBD as it’s official and full time offers are more frequent at the end. I know you could say it depends what you want to do but im at the point now where any experience is better than none, and i can’t apply to both. I wanted to go into research initially but i’m now thinking of transition later in my career by completing the CFA. Trouble is all previous applications have been for STR and i was able to harp on about how i did the CFA lvl 1 in dec of my final year, but now im not sure how to sell myself… If i upload a cover letter would anyone be willing to tell me how to change it? cheers guys

Looks like you should just apply for the position that you have a better chance of getting. RE: cover letter… I’m sure that there will be some helpful comments. Just be prepared for 20% helpful comments and 80% heckling.