Available-for-Sale Securities

What happens with unrealized gains/losses under IFRS and GAAP. Specifically, after the security is sold, what are the differences between IFRS and GAAP for Available-for-Sale securities?

they both realize the gains, net of tax

we had a dicusssion on this last week. unrealised gains/losses for AFS goes to Other Comprehensive Income for both IFRS and GAAP. after security is sold, all realized gains/losses goes to income statement; at the mean time the previous recorded unrealized g/l removed from OCI.

Sorry, I didn’t see last weeks discussion. What happens with realized/unrealized foreign exchange gains/losses for an available-for-sale securities under IFRS and GAAP?

seriously, this topic turned into a whole big thing… there’s an extremely comprehensive summary on it a page or two back, I think I started it, happy hunting. it was long and annoying, but it explained this treatment, as well as for H2M and H4T really well.

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