Available materials during the FRM Part 1 Exam?

Hello everybody,

I just started to study for the November 2011 FRM Exam Part 1.

After checking the 2011 practice exam provided by GARP, I have the following question concerning:

2011 Practice Exam / Part 1 / Exam 1 / Question 1 (page 17 with the answer)

The problem is to calculate the percentage of the distribution of a random variable between 55 and 65 with mean 50 and s.d. of 10.

The answer is very clear but also uses very precise numbers implying the use of P(Z =< x) = N(x) table. I don’t see how we can do it otherwise!

So my question is:

Do we have access to the common statistical tables (cumulative probs of ND,…) during the exam in addition to the authorized calculators and what else do we have available?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

I saw that question. I would presume that the tables would be provided. If not, we would simply have to use estimates. The book asks us to remember the % of observations 1 standard dev. away from the mean and a few others. But, I do feel that GARP will provide the tables. Can anyone else elaborate?

you have to memorize that 68% of observations fall within 1 s.d. of the mean and 95% of observations fall within 2 s.d. In ALL cases, partial tables will be provided when necessary as part of the question. I do not think that whole tables will be provided though – Welcome to FRM part 1 !

btw I’m studying using Kaplan as well - where did you get the practice 2011 practice exam?

Thanks for the Welcome and for your answers. Yes of course we should know 1,2,3 s.d. 68%,95%,99% normal distribution properties and be able to do estimates with them. But the reason of my question about tables was because they use precise numbers in the question answer explanations suggesting in a way that we should not handle this problem by estimations. So as you said partial tables will be provided when necessary which solves the problem! shadEs here I am talking about the practice exam that comes free from GARP Digital Library after registration. Good Luck to everyone as time is short!!!

I have been trying to open the practice exam 2011 file. But it is not opening. I am a candidate for the Nov-2011 FRM level 1 exam. Please help me in this regard. Amir

Download locklizard. It says it right there on the website. I wonder how you missed it.