So, I found out what Black Swan is up to: doing back flips while skiing an avalanche. Pretty routine:

So, if he doesn’t land that backflip, would you say he’s done-for?

Or just going to be uncomfortable for a little while?

Might break a bone or two. They would dig him out. He’s wearing a transceiver for sure.

Depends, I assume there is a rescue crew but it’s still very dangerous if he gets buried several feet under. Snow sets up like concrete within a few seconds of settling during an avalanche and you will run out of oxygen within 10-15 minutes (15 is optimistic). You still have to move to the person, find their transceiver signal, and then dig them out which takes several minutes at least for a trained crew. The problem with skis is that you can wipe out in a weird angle that makes it awkward to position yourself well so you don’t get completely buried. You’re supposed to try to ditch your skis and “swim” with the avalanche so you stay near the top but that’s easier said than done.

Or it might just break your neck