Average accuracy rate in MORNING practice exams???

By difining accuracy rate as (points achieved/points attempted), what is your average accuracy rate in the practice exams???

I think it’s really stupid to try to grade yourself and five yourself points when you really have no idea how these questions are scored.

But many of us have graded their own exams??? i am just trying to figure out whether i should go for quantity or for accuracy…

The quantity/accuracy tradeoff you mention is a fallacy. A point is a point, no matter if it comes from getting 1 out of 12 on a long question or 1 out of 2 on a short one. Just make sure not to dwell for too long on questions that stump you. I’m hitting low 70’s right now, but I count it as high 60’s because, even though I try to grade myself tough, I think it’s probably smart to build into your expectations a “worst case scenario” 5% self-grading bias.

I didn’t grade any of my AM exams. I know what I missed and what I got right, but I didn’t feel like putting a point value on my attempts.