average pages per hour

Just Curious. I can only read ~20 pages per hour after my daily work. How about you?

I’d say 20-30 is probably about right.

20 pages an hour? I’d say that’s really good for hard material.

i’m about the same 2 to 3 minutes a page…sometimes longer when there’s a formula to understand and apply. either way, i’d rather be doing something else.

20 pages/day reading and taking notes at the same time, sometimes I read the papers or the articles mentioned in the footnotes, for instance r. merton’s pension article was an interesting read

i would say about 10 - 12 pages an hr

I am about 10 pages an hour, 20 pages a day. You guys are fast readers!

10 per hour taking notes but probably 30 without notes

Taking notes I can’t read more than 5 pages per hour. Maybe I am burnt out already.

I read slow, and re-read important sentences 2-3 times. I read about 6-8 pages per hour.