average score of schweser exam #3 AM and PM

Can anyone tell me the average score of each session of exam #3? I have no on-line access. I think the exam 3 is more difficult than the first 2. Thanks a lot.

i think ur right. but then again i did these suckers on an uncomfortable American Airlines flight from LA - Toronto over night while sooped up on harsh starbucks coffee… so i discounted my scores to that item all in all i hit 75/120 - discount the fact that i was on an AA flight, i was 4 am while doing them and i spilled coffee on my book means i could have gotten probably 80/120 1luv PS AA is now charging 15 for the first checked bag! WTF!!!

Aladak, you did a good job considering you were on a flight. Do you know the average score of each session of those who took the exam #3? I am not able to access the on-line performance tracker to compare my score with the average.

64% for AM session

no really bro. i dont like comparing to the average b/c he average person fails this…remember 40% pass rate… i just wanna get as many >70% scores as possible. thus far, i have a grand total of 0 :frowning:

Thanks Dapper425. Anyone knows the average score for PM session?

B6 3pm avg is 65%