Average Scoring on mock/practice exams

For the ones that passed/failed level 1 before, can you tell me what scores you guys had during your practice exams and mock, and if you passed/fail the actual exam?? I am only getting 65%-70% right now on practice exams and I really want to know how far I am away from the average “passing” student. From what I’ve seen so far it seems like a lot of people that got 70%+ consistently had passed the exam. And anyone approximately what % is the passing grade? Please reply me it’ll really makes me feel better!

The passing score changes every year but I believe it is gennerally between 65% and 70%. Looks like youre on the edge now. I would expect that on exam day you may score 1-2% lower due to nerves but I suppose this is different for everyone so I’d say you need to improve a bit. Make sure to take the CFA sample and mocks too

Thanks so much for your reply, Thinking that I’m on the edge now really gave me motivation to study harder and hopefully I can boost myself to an 70+ average

Mock and practice exam scores are a way to test your knowledge but should not be used as a benchmark to judge. You should use the practice exams to figure out your weak areas and focus more on those.