average time for society review

Hi after i had got my sponsor forms filled, i got the approval for work ex from the institute within 7 days but since then the soceity has taken 11 days and yet not approved me for charter. Does it take so much time? What was the average time taken for society review for u guys?

it depends on your society. quite a few societies have a monthly meeting where they do this. others have been known to approve on receiving a phone call from the candidate. call them on monday and see what they say.

i had actually send them a mail and they replied back saying it could take 45 days!!!

I have the same question and thus called them last week. They told me it takes at most one month and the woman on the phone forwarded a request to the guy who reviews working experiences. She said it could perhaps help accelerating the process a little bit. Until now, I have heard nothing from them. Anyway, upside for local society is that they will receive fee earlier if they approve quickly…