Average workforce age, how much is considered young?

I’ve done some questions and got confused howw they define young work force. In some example, 42-45 years old still consider young work force and indicate above average ability to take risk. Schweser note said it should be compared to peers coz 42 yrs old may not be considered yong if peer average is 30-35 etc.

Also, for a workforce age of 45, should i say time horizon is long? Prob 1 reading 20 curriculum said that "eventhough pension fund are going concern and have long tiem horizon, but average work force of 45 is comparatively short and it should have short time horizon instead.

SO which age is consider yong, relating to indicate i) ability to take risk ii) time horizon???

Thanks for any answer :slight_smile:

Assuming an average retirement age of 65, an average age of 45 means the time horizon is 20 years so I have been sticking to long-term when they are in their mid 40’s although it does tick over around the 45-50 mark from memory.