Awaiting level 1 result need insight on level 2 study strategy

I wrote level 1 this December I wanted to get experienced insight on when to start level 2, is it OK if I start now before result.

Which topic should I start with and what should be my process for question practice.

FRA and Equity are the biggest topic areas in Level II, so you cannot go wrong starting with either of these. You can probably find some 2015 study guides on e-bay (Wiley, Schweser); those will get you going.

Practice as many questions as you can. Multiple times.

The curriculum is vast, so reading schweser guides will do it or I must read the curriculum for some topics. I’ve made some blunders in level 1 therefore I don’t want to repeat those mistakes again

I have started with Quants and soon continuing with Econ. It’s more straightforward than same topics in L1 (or maybe my overall knowledge level has been evolved). Always starting from beginning topic, but Ethics is the same as in L1 while manner of questionary changed (now you have vignettes).

Retaker here…I spent way too much time on Quant and Economics first time around and did not devote the necessary time needed to master the much bigger topics…This time around I started Financial Reporting, then Corp Finance and now just finishing Equities.