Awesome forum members

You guys are great. I completely took my mind off after 5 pm on exam day. I appreciate that you guys have it in you to discuss the paper after the exam. I will be back on this forum on 18th Aug. Hopefully, I will pass. But these discussions are not going to change my result so I am not getting involved with any kind of discussion about the answers to question on the exam. By the way is it not a violation to discuss the exam questions. I am not sure because I do not rock on that section. That is the most scary part of the whole exam for me. Anyway guys enjoy the summer. Good luck to all of you. This forum has bright people so pass rate on this forum will be >60%. Thank you all for discussions we had before the exam. Many areas which require more attention were discussed and I enjoyed that. I agree with one other thread which mentioned that CPK was the one who contributed a lot to our knowledge. His/her comments were very elaborative and always gave the conceptual reasoning behind what he/she stated. I can bet on CPK when it comes to exam results. I always got a kick from this forum. When I saw people taking so many mocks and posting their score, while I was struggling with completing the course. But I felt better on the morning of the exam because I had completed my course by then :). Moreover, I strongly feel that CFAI should change the exam pattern. For example, have multiple choice in the morning with different practice sets (like it is now). And in the afternoon probably give a 10-12 page case on a corporate and ask 60 questions from different areas on that. Make it somewhat like real life analysis (though I know that cannot be simulated in an exam). And one last comment. About different sets for people taking tests on different days, I guess CFA might have found out of some violations which took place in the past and therefore had different sets. I guess MPS will be different for those two papers. I doubt they will rank everyone on the same base.