Awkward topic

This is my first post and probably very awkward topic to post here.December 2011 was my first attempt at level 1 and i scored band 10,I think i have a good chance of clearing it this time.My problem is that i just had a breakup yesterday on my birthday. Just the stress of end of a 1 and a half year long relationship is keeping me from concentrating on the exam.I can’t sleep and have been trying to study but there seems to be too much going on in my head right now.Normally in this situation i would distract myself but i really need to review the curricullum.I just want to ask has anyone faced such situation with their preparation and if yes how did they cope with it?I’m clueless right now…Any suggestions??

take a day or two off… and then get back to work@!

think about the better ladies/guys you would get after they know you passed level I.

haha.Thank you dvictr and ebowsaah i think ill just try to keep myself pumped up and get back to revision.

I have been under similar circumstances, and it sucks and is the last thing u need when trying to study for this. i like the idea of taking a day or 2 off and getting back to it, also if u could use it as motivation that would be ideal

I’m in the process of selling my house and interviewing for jobs. Really not the extra stress I need on top of this exam coming up, so I know how you feel.

right now i’m jus trying to keep myself pumped up with whtever means possible n focusing on d far so goood…