So this woman who works in my office left the company. So as she is leaving on her last day, I’m like “yo see you later”. Then, she starts crying, and I’m like, crap what do I do now? So ok I hug her, and by now, she is all emotional and saying “thank you for everything (sob sob)”. Anyway, this was really awkward. Women amiright??


Pics or ban

Did you ask for her email address?

did you get her ICQ number?

slap her on the butt baseball style as she heads out on a new field - it is a sign of encouragement

Quick, call HR, there is some perv using his position of power to hold women down!

Sorry…anyhow yeah, chicks. I had to escort a lady out once when she totally lost it in a loud dramatic way, in the middle of our library-quiet office…really uncomfortable.

she is pregnant

This does sound awkward

Probably she was emotional beacuse she didn’t want to quit but had to make the decision (due to a-hole boss, pregnancy etc).

Wow, a lot of assumptions. Perhaps she was the A-hole and got forced out of the company?

In that case, she didnt get time to hug Ohai but a push by security.

My sister got the push by security one time. A private equity firm bought out her company and a few months later had trouble paying the debt on the company. Suddenly, they cut the whole design division one day(my sister was in design / R&D) . Everyone in design was greeted by security and they couldn’t take anything with them except personal items on their desk. I don’t think she got any hugs. :"-(

How long did she stay with the company? Leaving a place that she had been working for many years might make her emotional.

Oh wait. She is leaving the workplace permanently and you are suprised she showed a little emotion?

I thought she was just leaving for the day. Now THAT would have been akward…


LOL, yeah I cry every time I have to go home for the night, why can’t I sleep under my desk? crying

Did u take advantage of the vulnerable lady and grab some ass or did u act all weird and give her a weird hug. u were the awkward one. she was being a girl

Yeah, I was kind of like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. It contributed to the awkward situation.