AYN Rand did it again

Rand was right once again. From now on the Rand non-believers will be called “deniers”.


TL;DR version?

America has turned into a “victimhood culture” as predicted.

I prefer the honor culture. Find that b**ch and slap her GD face.

The article emphasized college students, and Hispanic ones at that. Not a fair representation of America.

^clearly you are not on Facebook.

A college has a Latin Heritage event on the same night that intramural soccer starts. White dude who apparently runs one of the teams sends an email to a Latina asking if she’s going to play futbol or go to the event, which he describes as a great event or something like that. The Latina posts his email to some bitch and complain blog that the college has and opens the gates of hell on him for saying futbol instead of soccer because white people don’t/can’t play futbol because they aren’t Latino and don’t understand/play the game the way Latinos do.

^ Thanks. Glad I didn’t bother reading the full version.

Women amiright??


What does this have to do with Rand?

Rand predicted that America would evolve into a culture of victimhood - victimhood as currency.

TF, have a look at this article. I think it will get you pretty heated


if the argument is based on the first paragraph then it proceeds on false premises and is not worth reading.

Anyway, my view on Rand has evolved over time. Through meditation and exposure to eastern philosophies I’ve come to realize that reality extends beyond the rational mind and there is something to the idea of a ‘universal unity’. But that does not negate Rand’s central idea that man’s fullest natural expression is only possible under a system of voluntary association and any system that uses force is immoral and cannot be sustained forever (most on here don’t seem to understand that this is her central idea, nothing more). This augemented reality (rational mind + something else that connects us) is increasingly moving from the realm of mysticism to verifiable reality through scientific advancements - which even Rand would have to acknowledge if she were to follow her own philosophy. Rand’s philosophy is a little misguided when it comes to what man should do under a system of voluntarism because her conception of reality is limited. If man is not an entity onto himself and is part of a universal unity, then his actions would and should be different. But again that does not negate the universal truth of her central idea of voluntarism. At man’s highest state of consciousness they are both true.

An appealing philosophy that at least attempts to transcend the individualism vs. collectivism, heirarchical vs. pluralistic battle is the Integral Theory being developed by Ken Wilber. It acknowledges that any philosophy that incorporates a ‘universal unity’ must also integrate Rand’s central idea to be valid.

^My thoughts exactly.

Time to start apologizing for being white, and male.

Am I the only one that mistakenly thought this was going to be about Rand Paul?

i totally thought rand paul.

Yea I also thought this was in reference to Rand Paul


The article is talking about a tumblr post from like a year ago. At least apply interesting thesis to something new.