Aziz Ansari #metoo

Tltr: aziz engaged in sexual assault with a young gal.

OP’s notes: probably not sexual assault if it starts with receiving oral.

Reading bt the lines: yall women better put a stop to this or the strong, confident man who takes the initiative you so much want will be a thing of the past. Just a continuation of the nurturing of the beta male.

OP’s question: how many married men would fall victim of #metoo if you stopped the first time the wife said she wasnt in the mood?

aziz definitely looks like a rapist though. jk lol.

the olde give oral trick. classic move. i expect reciprocation!

Lol god damn this reminds me of Dave Chappelles “love contract”

Cabal success! Impossible to be human without fear of prosecution.

And mark it. Time’s up for #metoo.

It will be slaughtered “people” before they even try do it. Do not be afraid of it.

This whole situation probably arose because he is bad at cunninglingus.

The fingers down the throat repeatedly is kinda weird tho

Its called fish hooking, nub

Yep. Maybe he should try with anilingus.

All he did was what any self respecting alpha male would do. Slam her poon, choke her out.

We’re literally getting to the stage where we have to ask every 1 night stand; ‘we done the missionary now, would you mind ever so much if i flipped you over and slammed you doggie?’…

Fact is, some women like it rough and dirty, some like it clean and sweet. If this self righteous bitch don’t like it, then don’t come back for 2nds. Ansari is already off shaggin the next girl, so forget it.

I met lots of women and fucked them on the first night.