B.Graham "Security Analysis"

Hi, Could you tell me which version of the “Security Analysis” by B.Graham you recommend? The original from 1934 or more recent from the fifties? Thanks for your help mads

They are releasing an updated version in September with new commentary. I already pre-ordered. I have the original text but cannot offer advice on which version is the “best.”

I also pre-ordered this new version. I’m really curious what Klarman wrote. Cheers

I would recommend waiting for the new version. I have the 1950 something edition and a lot of the content is hard to follow because Graham is talking about accounting rules that no longer exist, so the updated commentary will hopefully explain what rules are still relevant and why they have or have not been changed.

I have the Classic 1940 Second Edition. I remember when I was looking into this a few years back this was highly recommended. It is a great book and a must read. I read the updated version of Intelligent Investor w/ commentary from Jason Zweig and it was good but I am not sure the updated of Security Analysis will be the same.

Has anyone received the new copy of this and looked through it? I am now wondering which version to get as well. How is the new commentary?

I have the new Sixth Edition. I have started reading some of it. Basically its the classic 1940 Edition reprinted with commentary from 6 (don’t quote me on the # of current commentators) professionals today. Klarman Lowenstein Bruce Berkowitz David Abrams Erza J. Merkin (sp?) - Gabriel Capital and someone else I am drawing a blank. Received it two days ago through Amazon on a pre-order.