b0 and b1 in regression problems


Would b0 and b1 ( b0 hat and b1 hat) values be provided in the question itself?

in the curriculum examples the values are given would that be the case in mocks(exams) as well.


Those are usually calculated by a computer program and interpreted by the analyst. So I imagine the beta estimates WOULD be provided. It’s been a while, I don’t remember if the curriculum teaches you how to estimate them yourself.

of course it’ll be provided. I’ve seen a video how dude explains the way to calculate bs. It’s gonna take half an hour at least to do it manually.

It would not take half an hour. It’s actually quite quick. But it’s not particularly enlightening and it isn’t something you’d reasonably be expected to do in the real world so there’s no real value in it.

Well, I agree to the comments above, but they could ask you to calculate them in a different way. For example, they could provide CovXY and SDX2. Dividing both would provide b1 hat…