BA 2 plus vs BA 2 plus professional

any suggestions as to which calculator is better? is the difference between ba 2 plus and professional that big to be an issue?

Main difference is that the BA II Plus Professional has the function to calculate (discounted) payback period & NFV. Both can be calculated on BA II Plus manually. The buttons on the Plus Professional are stickier/harder to press, that’s why I opted for the Plus which has a smoother button press.

thanks a lot smiley

I have both, I prefer the pro (mainly cause that’s what I bought 1st) & have the standard as a backup.

Also to change the pro battery you slide the battery cover off. To change the standard battery you need a screwdriver. So switching a battery during an exam (while unlikely) is much smoother on the pro.

I prefer the pro as well. The stickier keys keep me in control and don’t allow me to fly through calculations. Felt like I was mistyping on the standard version since the keys weren’t sticky.

Hah, I’m feeling the opposite way. I want to breeze through calculations and found that the pro didn’t register my button presses quick enough. Well glad there are two versions, to each his own wink.