BA II Calculator Issue - Need help!

My calculator keeps giving me the incorrect answer when I do time value of money questions. Eg. When I type in n=5, I/Y=9, FV = 1000 and CPT --> PV = -649.93. But when I type this in my calculator, I get -963.39. I have tried resetting my calculator and the present values are at the END of period. I have made sure that the timing of the cash flows at the END of the period as well. I am not sure whats wrong with my calculator? Any ideas?

Set P/Y=C/Y=1; you likely have it set at 12 for both.

How do I set C/Y=1?

Changed both to P/Y and C/Y = 1 and it still does not work.

2nd P/Y, 1, enter, down arrow, ensure C/Y=1.

2nd, quit, 2nd, CLR TVM

5, N, 9, I/Y, 1000, FV, CPT, PV -> -649.93139