I could not find it on internet… I have bought mine 3 months ago and used it seldomly. (max 100 times). Should I bother to bring new batteries to the exam?

I was just gonna start a thread about this. Ive had mine since December and I use it quite frequently at work as well.

Mine works since 2003 with the original battery, used frequently over the last 8 months.

I have two BA II+'s. I will put fresh calculators in both of them for the exam and not worry.

I’ve had mine for maybe 8 months, but I will bring an extra battery just in case. It’s like $2 and you can just leave that little silver coin in your pocket as an insurance policy.

Lol, Mine works since my undergrad 1997. But I stopped using it in 2001 and just picked it up for the CFA. I’m thinking of buying a new one before the test, but what are the odds.

I’ve been using mine for 2.5 years using frequently. I’m going to borrow a calculator from a friend of mine just to be safe but most likely mine will work fine.

I’ve had mine since probably around 2004, used it on and off, still works perfectly. im gonna chance it and not bring a spare battery