BA II Plus - beginner questions on decimal places

I used a CASIO in the past. As you all know, I had to move off of it for the CFA curriculum. Today I opened up my new toy and was shocked to learn that it has factory settings that screw with the number of decimals.

I tried to do a simple calculation:

1.05 X 0.95 X 1.12 = ?

The answer on a normal calculator is 1.0819

When I used the BA II Plus, it “rounded” the numbers to two decimal places for me, so it came out looking like

1.05*.95=0.97 and then

0.97*1.12 = 1.08

how do I get the calculator to calculate an infinite number of decimal places, or at least enough decimal places to fill the screen?

Also is it just me, or do the keys friggin suck? I punched in 1.12 and it came out looking like 1.2 or 12 or 112. In short, I don’t trust this calculator so far but I don’t have a choice.

If you purchase the BA II Plus, I believe it comes with a manuel too, right? Does the manuel discuss about setting decimal places?

I have to agree with you about trusting this calculator at the start; and I can understand how you feel when limited d.p. will means that the figures are rounded up. During my undergraduate days, I do not have the previliages to work on sums using scientific/mathematical calculator i.e. I’m using the most basic kind of calculator and the best functions are limited to MR+/- and MRC. Well it takes time to get used to the new calculator :slight_smile:

Set the decimal to floating: 2nd -> FORMAT -> 9 -> Enter.

You’ll learn to love it.


Omg i’m an idiot all this while i’ve been multiplying by 100 just to see decimal places…guess pays to read the manual properly heh