BA II Plus calculator battery

Guys, I’m not planning to take back-up calculator to the exam.

Any idea, is there any sign (dim calculator screen etc.) to know, whether the battery should be replaced before going to the exam?

I don’t intend to take additional batteries to change (if they die during exam)

My calculator is 5 years old and have not changed the battery since buying. Though used only for the CFA prep.

Bring extra batteries IMO

Bring them. Murphey’s law.

I’ve been using my BA II plus for about 7 years now and have had no issues with the batteries. Considered getting new ones just in case but I think im good till exam day. Maybe will replace them next year.

I’ve used my calc for years now and it is still going strong. With that said, I bought another calc as back-up. Not worth the risk of battery dying on me or struggling to change it during the exam. The peace of mind is well worth the $50.

i agree with genome and mjl25. why not bring an extra? if you’re unwilling to bring an extra, then buy a new one and swap it out this week. With all the effort you put into studying, why leave your exam results to chance on something as in your control as whether you have the use of your calculator or not?

If its 5 years old i would buy a new one just incase. Why make this another worry on exam day? I had a Sharpe Financial calculator throughout university and it died after about 2.5 years of heavy use.

you’ll be fine without the backup battery. they are super expensive anyways. with the money you’ll save, it might just be like getting to repeat level 2 for free. oh, and erasers are for pussies - leave that at home as well.

Just buy a new battery and replace it this week. They are like $5 at CVS and all you need is a tiny screwdriver…I did just that before level 1 in december and now i know i have at least 5 attempts at level 2 before the battery could possibly die haha

Just get a new calculator! Then you can have one at work and one at home.

Im gonna go buy a new calc this weekend. For some reason Im excited.

Cmon guys, it’s sooo easy to change batteries on BA II Pro, just slide out the case and put in the new ones, and easier to carry battery then a spare calci right? and if you don’t spill water on it, there isn’t much that can go wrong in a calci.

Also i’m very attached to this calci, if i buy some new one it should be a very very good upgrade , can’t leave my cacli for a similar one, lolll.

Mike, why not change the battery now (the week before)?

Do you have any friends/coworkers that have one you can borrow? I took level 1 while I was still in school and borrowed one from a friend, then I’m gonna do the same for level 2.

BA II Plus is a right nightmare to change though. I’d advise twin calculators every time. Just borrow from a charterholder, or someone who’s given up.

I was wondering the same thing. TI’s site says the battery lasts for approximately 1,500 operational hours.