BA II PLUS Calculator problem

Hello everyone,

I have problem with my calculator.






It should be this,

[CPT][PV] = -1000

However, my calculator gets this, -1876.02*

I have tried resetting it [2nd][Reset][Enter] and replaced the battery, but nothings working.

I hope this is just settings problem. Anybody have a solution?

something is wrong with the settings of your calculator, i just used mine and i got -1000.

Try 2nd I/Y, and make sure P/Y=1, and C/Y=1, then you should get the correct answer.

Also, before you do any TVM calculation, make sure you clear the old TVM memory by using 2nd FV to clear the TVM memory.

Dude it works! Thank you.

I just need to change the P/Y and C/Y value to 1 and all is go. however apparently the default value of my P/Y and C/Y is 12 even after I reset it [2nd][P/Y][2nd][Clr Work]. Is there any way to set default to 1 so i dont need to always check the value before i start calculation? Thank you.

It will stay 1 unless you: change it, reset the settings globally, or run the battery dead.